September 3, 2013

next, again

Now that I've successfully nailed down the job thing, I have an intense desire to find a new spot to live.

My living situation, as it stands currently: while touring, I lived nowhere. Or rather, I lived everywhere, on a bus. When I stopped touring, I moved in with my parents in a town about 15 minutes south of Portland (here!). While they are great and have been incredibly supportive and accommodating and it's been really incredible to live in this nice, big, comfortable house, I feel like moving out (again) is an important piece of my version of adulthood. You know.

What am I looking for? I've lived alone, I've lived with roommates, I've lived on the East End and the West End and in between. I'm a pretty independent, solo person who enjoys alone time, but do I want the price tag that comes with a studio or one-bedroom place? Can I afford it? Yes, but barely. Just barely. Do I really want to be stressed out about money, for the luxury of living alone? Meh. Yes, but not YES!

I saw a really great one-bedroom tonight. West End, with parking (important, because of snow bans) and beautiful wooden floors. Top of my budget. But, but I am currently only working something that falls in between part-time and full-time. So, obviously, the answer is to find more work and take the place because jeeze, I doubt I'll find something so great again. It's in such a nice spot. Man.

Right? Or do I stay here, save some money, and work on being patient? Look again in a few months? I don't know. Patience is something I have very little of. I decide something, and then I do it/want it/make it happen immediately.

Well. There's that, anyway.

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