May 30, 2013

chickens, five weeks

The chickens are a little over 5 weeks old now. I think they literally doubled in size while we were gone for the wedding festivities. Look at them a week or so ago.

They're pretty amusing little birds; Cinder found a leaf while they were outside today and all the others chased her around thinking it was the coolest thing. Also, yup, they have names. Lulu, Cinder, M.C. (Mother Clucker), and Ghost Rider. A few more are arriving this weekend, bringing our chicken flock to 7 or 8. We're turning into crazy chicken people...

May 29, 2013


Travel luck was not on our side this trip; our return flight was delayed causing a missed connection, causing a rebooking from IAD to LGA to PWM and lots of hustling around the airports. Long day, but hey, we made it and also the sky was super pretty... and thus concludes my San Antonio wedding week blog-a-thon.

natural bridge caverns

After all of the wedding festivities were over, we had a few days left to spend wandering around San Antonio. Michelle, Katy, and I spent most of Memorial Day out at Natural Bridge Caverns. While we waited for our tour to start Michelle bought a bag of gems and we did a lil' sluicing. After grabbing a quick bite to eat our tour began and we spent the next hour on a guided walk through the caverns, which were spectacular and a little difficult to comprehend in their sheer size and awesomeness. It was a bit gimmicky, but we had fun and the caves themselves were incredible.

the rehearsal, and dinner

Friday was the rehearsal, which was sweet and simple and very exciting. A super delicious dinner at Silo followed!

coachella meets texas hill country

I've spent the last week or so in San Antonio to see my little brother and his now-wife get married. The whole week was a perfect way to celebrate the two of them, with a bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, cocktails & desserts, and of course, the wedding itself, which was insanely beautiful.

After a rocky start travel-wise which resulted in a detour to Houston and a 4 hour drive in the middle of the night, we arrived in town just in time for my sister and I to attend Barbara's bachelorette party. Barbara's sister Emily had arranged for us to visit several vineyards in the Texas Hill Country and the day was an excellent mix of class and flower crowns and delicious wine.