May 20, 2013

the chickens are growing

A few weeks ago I made the drive to my aunt and uncle's tiny town in New Hampshire to pick up a few chicks. This being my first foray into chicken-owning, I was pretty excited. The summer I spent farming in college left me consistently curious about farm life as a real life and although I do not live on a farm and we have just 4 chicks to our flock, it's fun to dream and imagine this might be just the beginning.

When I picked them up they were 4 little balls of fluff with teeny tiny feet. That was less than a month ago. Now they are larger balls of feathers and rapidly growing dinosaur feet. It's fascinating to watch them grow. Every day they learn new things and become braver. They've starting leaping and fluttering their little wings if you crouch near them, jumping up to your shoulder or your head to get a better view.

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