November 30, 2013


Lots of food, lots of family.

November 24, 2013

what's been going on, lately

Hello out there. I have fallen a bit off of the face of the blogging world. Oops!

Let's see. Lately:

  • I saw About Time, which I thought was super lovely and feel-goody and made me wish I had an English time-traveling ginger in my life.
  • I saw Catching Fire, which I liked more than the first Hunger Games movie, but didn't like as much as the book. Obviously.
  • I've grown slightly more immune to the really cold mornings, as I've been spending many early morning hours outside with dogs. I've also perfected my cold mornings outfit.
  • I got some new flannel sheets and they are really wonderful at keeping me cozy.
  • My social calendar has been quite full, with happy hours and movie outings and music abounding. I spent quite a while there in a kind of anti-social funk, so I'm pleased at myself for making things happen. A time for everything, I suppose.
  • I love this yoga site; it is free and has pretty decent videos. There is a two hour restorative session on there that I've done a few times, when I can convince myself to make that much of a commitment. It's totally worth it.
  • I'm looking for new books. Any suggestions? I dig apocalyptic/dystopian themes. And any kind of trilogy. 
  • My sister is home for the holidays following her sojourn into cob house building. It's good to have her around.
  • My brother and sister-in-law (and her whole family) are joining us in a few days for Thanksgiving and the barn party, which started out as 50 or so relatives coming over the weekend after Thanksgiving and has ended up being a catered, shuttled shindig for 115 friends and family.
  • My apartment, I think, is coming together. I cobbled together a kitchen table with an old coffee table top and these legs. I found a few chairs at Goodwill, which look lovely after some tung oil and reupholstering. I bought this lamp and I love it. Maybe a photo tour soon!
  • We had flurries last night. Winter is on its way.

November 1, 2013

rockland and camden

Earlier this week, after my morning on Peaks Island, mom picked me up at the ferry and we whisked ourselves up the coast with the goal of checking out Primo in Rockland. We, sadly, found it to be closed on Tuesdays so decided to hit up Camden instead, which is the most picturesque seaside town.

Much like Boothbay Harbor, Camden (and most of Maine) mostly closes down in the late fall until early spring, so a lot places were closed. We did, however, happily stumble upon Cellardoor Winery on our way and treated ourselves to a lovely wine tasting. They do a ton of super cool events in the spring and fall, as well as cooking and pairing classes. Definitely worth another visit!

Also, guys, fall + sunset + Maine = the most beautiful thing in the world.