November 24, 2013

what's been going on, lately

Hello out there. I have fallen a bit off of the face of the blogging world. Oops!

Let's see. Lately:

  • I saw About Time, which I thought was super lovely and feel-goody and made me wish I had an English time-traveling ginger in my life.
  • I saw Catching Fire, which I liked more than the first Hunger Games movie, but didn't like as much as the book. Obviously.
  • I've grown slightly more immune to the really cold mornings, as I've been spending many early morning hours outside with dogs. I've also perfected my cold mornings outfit.
  • I got some new flannel sheets and they are really wonderful at keeping me cozy.
  • My social calendar has been quite full, with happy hours and movie outings and music abounding. I spent quite a while there in a kind of anti-social funk, so I'm pleased at myself for making things happen. A time for everything, I suppose.
  • I love this yoga site; it is free and has pretty decent videos. There is a two hour restorative session on there that I've done a few times, when I can convince myself to make that much of a commitment. It's totally worth it.
  • I'm looking for new books. Any suggestions? I dig apocalyptic/dystopian themes. And any kind of trilogy. 
  • My sister is home for the holidays following her sojourn into cob house building. It's good to have her around.
  • My brother and sister-in-law (and her whole family) are joining us in a few days for Thanksgiving and the barn party, which started out as 50 or so relatives coming over the weekend after Thanksgiving and has ended up being a catered, shuttled shindig for 115 friends and family.
  • My apartment, I think, is coming together. I cobbled together a kitchen table with an old coffee table top and these legs. I found a few chairs at Goodwill, which look lovely after some tung oil and reupholstering. I bought this lamp and I love it. Maybe a photo tour soon!
  • We had flurries last night. Winter is on its way.

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