September 23, 2013

waters and roaming

Last week we went to the marsh, with a plan to rent a canoe and float around the waterways for a little while, with a picnic somewhere in there. Our hopes and dreams were dashed when we arrived and the shop was closed for the season. Oops.

Not to be deterred, we instead went for a walk along the Eastern Trail, which cuts through part of the marsh. We concluded that it would be a nice one to bike (it's 65 miles, from South Portland to Kittery), but the two miles we encountered were not so interesting for walking. In search of a prettier picnic spot, we drove over to Pine Point Beach and had our sandwiches there, then popped over to Old Orchard (which has a kind of uncharacteristic Jersey Shore of Maine vibe, and an especially creepy abandoned carnival vibe in the off-season) for a fried dough dessert.

Go with the flow, you know? I mostly feel super lucky that my work allows me to work from home and leaves time for plenty of roaming.

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