September 17, 2013

strive for 5 5k

Hey! I did a 5k this past Saturday! This is not something I ever thought I would say, as I am the furthest thing from a runner. A few years ago I signed up for a 10k with my dad, but a few months before broke my leg and there was no way I was going to make it, so dropped out, and thus ended my very, very short-lived running career.

The Strive for 5 5k supports Strive U, which is a program that my youngest brother started this past June. Obviously my family wanted to support him, so we signed up for the race and then I totally forgot about it until my mom reminded me on Friday night.

We showed up, got our number things, and I decided to try to run, rather than stroll, so I did, mostly, and finished in 38:47, which is a 12:28 mile, which is about as fast as I ran in high school so overall, I'm pretty happy with that.

Plus it was super fun to run that last little bit there when everyone's cheering and you see the finish line and it's like you're not even running anymore, you're just floating to the end. Also, free peanut butter and bagels. Also, you get a medal!

Who knew. Fun stuff. It was a nice first race. Super low key. Like, lots of kids did it.

Here is one photo from their Facebook page where you can barely, barely see me but whatever, it's proof that I was there and so here it is:

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