August 2, 2013


A couple of weeks ago I wrote about job hunting and what I wanted to do and be and all that good existential crisis stuff. Here.

As my very lucky road through the universe tends to go, I've once again stumbled into what I hope and think will be an amazing, exciting next step. My job hunting tactic in the past, and in this go-round, has been mostly to send out emails with letters and resumes to all the cool, amazing, unique, inspiring places where I'd love to work, regardless of if they're hiring or if they've posted a vacancy. The return rate to this kind of approach is higher than you might expect, if you're looking for the kind of job I'm looking for.

I'm not religious, or even spiritual, but I think I believe in the universe and in timing and that through the rough patches you can believe that they'll throw you a bone now and then. Something like that. A catering company that I was particularly excited about responded to my shot-in-the-dark email - turns out they'd been talking about needing someone like me (someone with my experience and goals and strengths and whatnot) right around the time that I found and contacted them. So there's got to be something at work there, right? Universe?

After a great interview and sort of meet-and-greet/trial run event situation last Saturday, I have high hopes for what comes next. I start with them this weekend, and (to be kind of vague) will be coordinating their front of house event operations, in an admin way and an onsite way. The job has a lot of what I loved about touring (new venues, active non-desk work, travel, interacting with new people all the time) and leaves out some of the things I didn't love so much.

Also I probably need to look into getting some better standing-all-day shoes.


  1. Congratulations! That's exactly how I found my job too! Except it was crazy because when I called, my boss said they had no openings but to come by and fill out an application anyway. Before I could even do that, she called back in 30 minutes and said the administrator just left for good (scheduling conflicts.) I've been there for over three years now.

    Hooray! Good luck! :)

    1. Thanks McKenzie! I'm two weeks in and I totally love it.