August 6, 2013

a back cove walk

If you're hanging in Portland and are looking for something to do for an hour or so, may I suggest a walk around Back Cove?

The 3.5 mile trail is popular with runners, bikers, stroller-pushers, power walkers, rollerbladers, and all the other -ers. Personally, it's not my favorite thing to do in Portland, and I think that if you're going to walk around for an hour somewhere near town there are prettier places to do it (like here, here, or here), but it is super convenient to downtown, gives you cool views of the "city," and is semi-paved so very accessible.

Yesterday morning mom and I went to Marcy's for a quick breakfast then set off on a stroll around the cove. The weather was perfect; the last couple of days there has been the very, very slightest hint that maybe fall is thinking about showing up soon, so I am a happy camper and want to be out in it as much as possible.

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