July 7, 2013

cliff walk at black point inn

This is the Cliff Walk at Black Point Inn, which is a few miles from the house. The official walk is about 1.75 miles, but we generally go a bit further along the road, so according to this awesome app I just downloaded (SportsTracker) we make it 2.3 miles. In the summertime they frown upon non-guests parking at the inn, so it's generally a good idea to have someone drop you off and pick you up. If you want to saunter along and smell the roses, it takes about an hour.

The start of the walk is slightly to the left of the inn, going between a couple of beautiful private homes then winding it's way along the cliffs and shoreline. Wear good shoes, because it's mostly loose rocks. You'll get amazing views of the water and in the distance can see Old Orchard Beach, and I love the flowers growing everywhere, in and among the rocks. This part of town is where the very wealthy live, so you can gaze at their amazing cliff-side houses, too.

We wanted to get out this morning before it got too muggy, but even in the early hours of the day it was pretty humid and a haze hung over everything.

(How lucky am I to live here?)

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