July 5, 2013

sewall house

In need of some R&R and head-clearing time, I spent a week at the Sewall House yoga retreat in Island Falls. Island Falls is a teeny little town about an hour and change north of Bangor, and 30 or so minutes south of Baxter State Park. With a car (important!) it's easy to get around and when I wasn't practicing yoga I was attempting to hike flooded trails, kayaking, and getting rain-soaked while exploring the town. While the locale wasn't quite what I imagined in terms of seclusion (the house is in town, I expected in woods), it was an immensely beneficial week with some really inspiring people.

A peek.


  1. I'm getting lost in your blog tonight, and I'm so in awe of the beauty of these pictures and the landscape you live in. I love Maryland and don't think I'd trade it, but boy, you sure make Maine look tempting!

    1. Oh thank you, you're so sweet! Isn't it beautiful? I'm picking up a camera again after a few years away and getting back into the swing of it, but it's hard to take a bad photo up here, most of the state is so idyllic. I think that's why people like Maine - it's usually exactly what you would picture it to be. Maryland looks so lovely as well! I love the glimpses into your farm & home.