August 7, 2013

topsham fair

For years and years I've driven past the Topsham Fair sign on the highway, so when I heard that it was this week I got all excited and convinced my mother that we should go. We spent an hour or two checking out farm animals and riding carnival rides before calling it a day.

If you've never been to a Maine fair, you're in for a treat. On a scale from 1 to AMAZING this one is solidly in the middle. It's pretty small, which makes it easy to enjoy everything. There's a pretty good selection of rides to ride and animals to look at. And duh, fried dough. There wasn't a whole lot going on today but over the weekend it looks like they have a lot more demonstrations and things like that.

Psst: if you're looking for AMAZING, the Common Ground Fair in September is it.

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