June 10, 2013

peaks island

Mom and I spent most of the day exploring Peaks Island. It's the largest in Casco Bay with about 1100 full-time residents and is accessible via ferry from downtown Portland. The trip is only about 15 minutes and runs frequently - if you ever find yourself in Maine I highly recommend spending a few hours on the island. I try to go out a couple times a year, and enjoy it immensely every time. With only a handful of shops, galleries, and restaurants it's quiet and serene - a little bit of everything you need, and nothing you don't. And, obviously, amazing views and Maine ocean breezes.

We caught the 10:45 AM boat, grabbed a coffee from the cafe by the dock, and went for a quick walk before stopping at the Inn for a bite to eat. The meal was delicious. I had a blueberry soda and we shared the crab cakes, lobster mac and cheese, and a wedge salad.

We also stopped at Richard Boyd's gallery and bought a beautiful platter, then spent the rest of the time exploring the shore and admiring everyone's gardens. When our feet had had enough we grabbed an ice cream and caught the 2:45 PM ferry back to town. The day was a little chilly and overcast, which kept the crowds down and made for some dramatic views.


  1. I love everything about these photos. That big old house on the hill seems perfectly coastal-small-town to me. So beautiful.

    1. Isn't it dreamy? I would love to live right on the rocky coast one day.