June 28, 2013

higgins beach

This past Monday was a scorcher. By Maine standards, anyway. Mid-90's, sunny, the teeniest hint of a breeze.

In the morning we headed over to Higgins Beach to walk in the water and enjoy the ocean air, which is a good 10 degrees cooler than the inland air. My family has owned a condo here since 2007, and in the last couple of years I've stayed there sporadically in between tours.

If you're looking for a Maine vacation spot, this one's pretty great. It's super convenient - about 15 minutes from the Portland airport, or a 2 hour drive from Boston. The Higgins Beach neighborhood is mostly residential, with some of the properties being year-round homes, and others being rented or summer residences. There's also an Inn with a nice bar and pretty decent restaurant, a little market with amazing lobster rolls, and it stays relatively calm due to limited parking (though you can usually get a spot for $10/day in the new lot).

The beach is one of the sandier ones in Maine, which tends to boast more rocky shores. It's also one of the more popular beaches for surfing in the state, and though I've never surfed, I'm pretty okay at boogie boarding.

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