March 6, 2014

more about winter

Hey March. February just blew by, didn't it?

It's still winter. It snowed again yesterday. I felt oddly peaceful and happy about that. I guess I sort of embraced the winter, and then got sick of it, and then settled into the idea that it was going to keep on keeping on no matter how I felt, and so ta da, snow! It's pretty! It makes everything sparkly! It's fun to play in!

I am very much looking forward to going south in May, though, for a trip to Hilton Head with my mom and sister and some old friends from our childhood in South Carolina.

I'm thoroughly enjoying my newfound free time, and am figuring out a good routine that involves some working from home, some working from the mill. I am very, very appreciative of my flexible schedule and am relishing these next few weeks when I have a decent amount of me time, knowing that come May I'll be booked within an inch of my life.

Michelle and I have been exploring a little bit up the Midcoast area. I always tend to go north, and east, when I explore. Maybe today I'll go south.

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