January 10, 2014

mackworth island and winter thoughts

This is the time of year I tend to get super introspective and evaluate where my life is and where it might be going. I don't know if it's the winter or the new year or both; in general I'm feeling like I'm on a really good track. Work is picking back up, I'm growing closer to some acquaintances turned friends, and I'm generally feeling fulfilled by life. A lot of big life changes have happened over the last two years (new job, new home, another new job, another new home, some big trips, some growing up) and while I'm grateful to be at a place that is relatively still, I at the same time am sort of yearning for a next big life change. I'm not sure in what form I'm hoping for this to be in, but there's this little part of me that I think is only happy in the middle of change.

Yesterday Michelle and I took the trail around Mackworth Island. It's an easy stroll in warmer months but a treacherous ice hell land these days. Super beautiful, but super slippery. Michelle ate it in the first 5 minutes of the walk.

(I got the new iPhone. I think the camera is better? I have been really bad about taking my SLR out lately.)

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