October 17, 2013

on gratitude

The past year and a half has been a rough one, for reasons that I've barely touched in this space. A lot of changes, some out of my control and some in it, left me feeling less than confident, and on shaky ground. In addition (and maybe a little because of it all) I was making poor decisions that negatively affected my health, wellbeing, and general feeling of self-worth.

I am supremely grateful and happy to say that things feel like they are turning around. In the last couple of months I've found a new job that I really love with some wonderful people, that gives me a flexibility and nice work/life balance that I haven't had before. I found a new apartment in a part of town that I adore, and this alone has helped me feel like I have some say-so about what's happening in my life again. I was recently reminded (at the really, really, really fun wedding of two of my dearest friends) that I have a wonderful group of people who love me, some of whom I've known for nearly a decade now, and who have seen me through some truly awful phases of life and have always been there to pick me up or let me wallow, as need be.

I also am constantly surround by beautiful scenery, which doesn't hurt, at all. A few iPhone shots (of supreme blurriness) of the previously mentioned awesome wedding (thanks for the photos, friends!) and from today, from the mill where I work and the river it sits over, and a state park that is just a short detour on my way home.

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